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Who we are

A team of designers from SAE Sydney who have been tasked with bringing together student work form campuses all over Australia. We are aiming to create a collaborative space in which everyone’s work can find a place to be presented in a seamless fashion.

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Leon Lao

Team Lead

I’m the team lead for this trimester’s exhibition, this was also the first time working on exhibitions throughout the studio classes, as well as being the team lead of a massive project. I’m mainly proficient in using both Illustrator and Indesign.

Clint pic

Clint Bilney

Grapic Designer

I’m a graphic designer and motion graphic artist for Exhibition this trimester, this is my first time tackling a project of this caliber. My passion is in brand identity and animating flat style logos. My favorite tools to use are Photoshop, Illustrator and after effects.

Angela pic

Angela Yao

Graphic Designer

I’m a graphic design student for this Tri. This is my first time doing something that is used for a real serious project. I like playing around with how layouts are used and I am comfortable using illustrator and photoshop along with a bit of indesign.

oscar pic

Oscar Hoare

Graphic Designer

Working as one of the graphic designers on this project I have been able to share and build with the other designers to create content for Exhibition. I am excited to work on a project with various deliverables and outcomes to be met. It is pushing my skills further as a designer and team member within a group.

joseph pic

Joseph Nguyen

Web Designer

I’m the web designer for this Trimester’s exhibition, this is my first time working on a project of this scale, that includes other campuses from around Australia. I have experience in html, css, Adobe Photoshop and XD.

alyssa pic

Alyssa Mendoza

Graphic Designer

I am the team’s social media designer. As a graphic design student, my passion is to help get messages across to people using text, colour and graphics. This project has allowed me to not only expand my creative skills but to also think about the users and audience.